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People, Places, Races, and Things Reference

The follow is a listing of things that it may be important for you to know about this genre. As it is set in the Silver Millennium, there is actually very little we know for sure about the time period. There is no encyclopedia, no big focus(that I have found) on it. So the following is assembled from the little bit of context that we get from the manga - characters, places, etc. and the rest is based on conjecture and what would be convenient for us to have exist or not exist within the game. While this information is largely canon, please keep in mind that it is assembled for the game and not all of the information may be correct! Please see our resources if you would like truly accurate information without conjecture.


    Each individual castle includes the main castle proper and all that a castle should be equipped with(kitchen, barracks, rooms etc.) as well as Gardens, a Courtyard, A Shrine to their particular planet's Goddess, and a Senshi Training Facility. Though scientifically speaking, the only planet that supports life is Earth, we are ignoring that basic fact completely. Suspend your disbelief. Each planet has a controlled environmental dome that protects the community and supports life. These domes are large and can support many many people. Each also has a main computer. Travel through space is done with powers or through the use of ships.

    Moon Palace: The Castle of the Moon. Unlike the other Castles, the Moon Palace is protected by all of the senshi. There is no Guardian of the Moon, though you could consider Queen Serenity to be in that position.

    Mariner Castle: The Castle of the planet Mercury. When Sailor Mercury/Princess Mercury is not present, Guardian Mercury is there to defend it and to alert her if she is needed.

    PhobosDeimos Castle: The Castle of the planet Mars. When Sailor Mars/Princess Mars is not present, Guardian Mars is there to defend it and to alert her if she is needed.

    Io Castle: The Castle of the planet Jupiter. When Sailor Jupiter/Princess Jupiter is not present, Guardian Jupiter is there to defend it and to alert her if she is needed.

    Magellan Castle: The Castle of the planet Venus. When Sailor Venus/Princess Venus is not present, Guardian Venus is there to defend it and to alert her if she is needed.

    Charon Castle: The Castle of the planet Pluto. When Sailor Pluto/Princess Pluto is not present, Guardian Pluto is there to defend it and to alert her if she is needed.

    Triton Castle: The Castle of the planet Neptune. When Sailor Neptune/Princess Neptune is not present, Guardian Neptune is there to defend it and to alert her if she is needed.

    Miranda Castle: The Castle of the planet Uranus. When Sailor Uranus/Princess Uranus is not present, Guardian Uranus is there to defend it and to alert her if she is needed.

    Titan Castle: The Castle of the planet Saturn. When Sailor Saturn/Princess Saturn is not present, Guardian Saturn is there to defend it and to alert her if she is needed.

    Planets Etc.: It is assumed that any Star, Sun, Planet, or Moon may have a Senshi to protect it within this galaxy. Outside of the galaxy the presence of Senshi is not necessarily guaranteed.


  • Queen Serenity: She is the ruler of the Moon, of the Solar System, and the Guardian of the Silver Millennium. She and the other rulers of the System(the parents of the Princesses) put down the great war and restored peace to the galaxy. She is benevolent, powerful, and wise. Using her own power, and the power given to her by praying to the pillar of prayer, her link with the moon, she remains the most powerful known force in the galaxy.

  • Princess Serenity: The Princess of the Moon and heir to all that the Queen care takes. She is not a senshi but has powers of her own.

  • The Inner Planet Senshi/Princesses:Ami/Princess Mercury/Sailor Mercury, Rei/Princess Mars/Sailor Mars, Makoto/Princess Jupiter/Sailor Jupiter, and Minako/Princess Venus/Sailor Venus. Each princess lives on her home planet in her castle which she defends and takes strength from. As a group of senshi they are lead by Sailor Venus who wields the Sword of the Mystical Silver Crystal, also known as the Holy Blade. Their primary objective is to protect Princess Serenity and thereby protect the kingdom from within.

  • The Outer Planet Senshi/Princesses:Setsuna/Princess Pluto/Sailor Pluto, Michiru/Princess Neptune/Sailor Neptune, Haruka/Princess Uranus/Sailor Uranus, Hotaru/Princess, Saturn/Sailor Saturn. Each princess lives on her home planet in her castle which she defends and takes strength from. As a group of senshi they are lead by Sailor Pluto. Their primary objective is to protect the Moon Kingdom from without.

  • Prince Endymion: The heir to earth. He has no alternate form as Tuxedo mask does not exist in the silver millennium. Prince Endymion does not represent the senshi of earth. Earth is missing it's senshi. However he does have powers of his own.

  • Generals: Kunzite, Zoicite, Nephrite, Jadeite. They each report to the Prince and rule over a sub domain of earth. They have been betrothed to the inner senshi in order to strengthen ties to a guardian-less earth.

  • Priest Helios/Pegasus: Helios is the main priest of Earth. All of the other priests report to him. When Prince Endymion is in need of guidance or prayer, he goes to Helios.

  • Mau: Luna, Artemis, and Sailor Mau

  • Tankei Kingdom of Planet Kinmoku: Sailor/Princess Kakyuu, Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter, Yaten/Sailor Star Healer, Taiki/Sailor Star Maker. These four follow a very similar setup to the inner senshi and Princess Serenity. Each of the Starlights has their own home star but they make their home on Kinmoku, the planet reined over by Princess Kakyuu, the one they are charged to protect. It is assumed that they also have guardians for their stars as the original Senshi do for their planets.
  • Phobos & Deimos: Companions to Sailor Mars and trainers of Sailor Soldiers. They come from the Planet Coronis and can take the form of Crows, Sprites, and for our purposes, people to. Anyone playing one of them is expected also to play the other.(counts as one character)

  • Other Planets of the Galaxy:Sailor Coronis, Sailor Chuu, Sailor Mau, Sailor Mermaid, Sailor Cocoon, Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Φ, Sailor Χ, Sailor Lethe, Sailor Mnemosyne, Sailor Ceres, Sailor Juno, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Vesta. Each senshi protects a planet of the same name.

  • Others: Heavy Metal Papillon, Tin Nyanko, Lead Crow, Iron Mouse, and Aluminum Seiren were Sailor Animamates in the manga however without the promises of Galaxia, their desire to be Senshi cannot be realized. However, they are available characters and each existed on the world of one of the existing senshi. Lead Crow is from Coronis, Aluminum Seiren is from Mermaid, Tin Nyanko is from Planet Mau, Heavy Metal Papillon is from Cacoon, and Iron Mouse is from Planet Chuu.

Note: While in the Kingdom of the Moon, or the Kingdom of Sol, all of the senshi are direct nobility, this is not necessarily so on all of the other planets. It is up to the discretion of the player whether their Senshi was royalty. Every planet, sun, star, moon however, is to have a senshi or guardian of some kind(ie while the moons of the other planets in the kingdom of the moon do not have senshi, they do have guardians like Phoebos and Deimos and a neighboring senshi to guard them from the planet ie. The sailor Starlights guard theirs stars plus Kinmoku).

Also: The well being of each planet is directly related to the well being of its senshi and nobility. If the senshi is in poor health, spirits, etc. her mood can effect the planet's well being. If she is hurt, things can get bad. If something big is affecting the planet, she will feel that as well. It is a sense that she may use to discover that things are amiss. Because of this, Prayer is incredibly important for the senshi, the nobility, and even the citizens to perform. Prayer bolsters the powers of the celestial bodies as well as the senshi themselves. Each planet has a public shrine as well as a private one used by the senshi and the nobility. The private shrine is the safest place on any planet.


    We have a total of 4 accounted for races. Human/oid like the original senshi, People from Mau who are cats that can take human form, and then two original races the Chaons and the Sidran(hitakinokage's creations). However like Sailor Mau, many of the other senshi may be of other races. It is up to the players who take on those senshi whether they will be basically humanoid, or something else. All senshi have a basically humanoid form, but it is not necessarily their original form, nor do they have to take it on completely, even in senshi form. Also good to note, there are spirits of a sort. The guardians of the planets are a good example, and the guardian of The Sun(our creation) as well. If you wish to add a race, get mod approval and draw up the details.

  • Humanoid: Self explanatory. All of the original senshi fall into this category as well as anyone living within that system(with the exception of Luna and Artemis).

  • Mau: The citizens of Mau are a catlike people with the ability to look completely human. They are talented advisers, negotiators, and higher servants though they have many special talents. A citizen of Mau in the employ of any of the royal houses will have that symbol appear on their forehead. Note that Artemis in the manga, though the companion of Sailor Venus, was technically in the employ of Queen Serenity, hence the moon symbol on his forehead.

  • Chaons: (Pronounced chay-ons)
    In a nearby system with trinary suns is the center of the Chaon Republic. Since early records, the Choans have always been at war or close to it with planets of Sol, up to and including the Great War. Early on the Republic's goals were expansionary, but that has long since passed on to a simple hatred that the Chaons hold for Serenity's line. Even after the Great War, the two nations have held a very strained peace, with many on both sides calling for the cold war to turn hot. Thankfully, both heads of state are very much against the idea, as Prime Minister Kalzuk would not risk a war with Serenity's allies, and to begin a war when it's not necissary simply isn't in Queen Serenity's nature. That has not stoped the Republic from sending spies into the Moon Kingdom; several spies have been caught that are human/chaon hybrids. These hybrids look perfectly human usually. When they desire, or when under stress, the tail or even wings of a chaon will emerge. Currently, the two nations don't have diplomatic relations on any level, though there are rumors that the Choan Republic is about to open its borders.
    Chaons rely primarily on technology, having almost no magical abilities whatsoever. They will often replace lost body parts with very obvious cybernetic replacements, even though they could easily construct replacements that look like the missing part. Due to the violent nature of chaon society at large, a chaon with a cybernetic eye or limb isn't very uncommon.
    The last Sailor Chaos recently died in battle against a cell of chaon rebels intent on starting a war with Serenity's Kingdom. Her heir is not yet known.

    Physical Description:
    Choans are powerfully built reptilian humanoids, usually green scaled. They have long, backward and upward pointed ears and a horn that rises from their forehead in a similar manner. A Chaon's mouth is at the botton of their head, akin to where the chin is on a human, and the nose is merely two small slits on their flat face. A spike protrudes from each shoulder, elbow, and knee, while their fingers all end in claws. Their feet vaguely resemble a bird's, with long clawed toes and another at the back of the heel. A chaon also has a sinuous tail with a spike at the end of it, as well as a pair of grey, leathery wings. At the foreward wing joint and wingtip of each wing is also a claw.

    Chaons, despite their mass, are fairly boyant in atmosphere. They have an organ that produces hydrogen from water and stores it, allowing them flight that would be impossible if not for the lighter displacement. In a last ditch effort, a chaon can expell the hydrogen in a blast of fire, but as this removes their ability to fly, it is rarely done. Some chaons with extensive cybernetic replacements house a small antigravity device in place of this organ.

  • Sidrans: Not all nations are intent a peaceful and mutually beneficial relation with the galaxy around them. If any of the denizens across the scattered stars were asked to name a people that are problematic, they'd likely mention the Sidrans. Pirates. Marauders. Rampant criminals. These are descriptions often used to describe Sidrans. Far too often, these descriptions are nothing short of accurate. Sidrans aren't violent so much as they are moral less. To a sidran someone that attacked and looted a defenseless town isn't seen as someone that's reprehensible, but as someone that would make their mom and dad proud. Not all sidrans are like this, of course, but a vast majority are. Even in the Great War, the sidrans never took sides, instead just took advantage of the confusion of battles to loot and strike as opportunities arose. Some even say that actions of the Sidrans inadvertently escalated the war as their strikes were blamed on others by warhawks.

    The govenrment of Sidra openly denounces all these activities, and points to the actions of the Sailor Sidra as proof that they are trying to do something about it. The current Sailor Sidra is known as a hunter, hunting down and putting an end to the sidran pirates raiding across the galaxy. The King of Sidra, King Forthran, is widely thought to be a mere puppet of some of the more powerful pirates however, as no other efforts by the Sidrans are ever seen to hold their pirates at bay. By her people, Sailor Sidra is often viewed as a traitor to her people. To the galaxy at large, she's just another Sidran. Better than most, but still another Sidran.

    Physical description
    An fully adult sidran looks completely human without very close inspection. About the only thing that can give away a sidran for what they are is the fact that they have phospherescent blood. Normally their skin is sufficient to keep this from showing, but when they blush, they literally glow.
    Younger sidrans however, are very different. Many consider them to be related to Mau, as in infancy and early childhood, sidrans appear to be cats. At ten years old, they go into a coma where they transform over a year into a mostly human appearance, though their cat-like ears and tail remain until they are fully adult(around 25 years), when the ears slowly morph to human looking while their tail is asborbed back into their body.


  • Computers: According to the manga there are super computers on the moon, viewers, etc. so we are operating under the assumption that the planets and moons within that system have access to these things. As for other planets, it's up to the people who play those characters. Keep in mind that the sub-computer on the moon was powerful enough to survive the war with beryl and preserve the Mind and Spirit of Queen Serenity within it.

  • Space-travel: It exists. That's really all you need to know. The way in which people travel through space depends on who they are(in the manga then senshi can teleport and even fly through space). Spaceships are definitely prevalent. Keep in mind though that magic is the superior force in this galaxy though science and technology are both revered.