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twelvehouses's Journal

Twelve Houses: A Silver Millennium RPG
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Sailormoon RPG
This is a Sailormoon role playing game.

We are open for applications.


Welcome to Twelve Houses, a BSSM Silver Millennium rpg. This game is the reincarnation of a onelist/yahoo groups rpg begun in Feb. 2000. Now we resurrect it in 2007 as adults. And as such, if you are under the age of 18 please do not go any further. This is an adult game with adult themes.

Please do not apply if you are under 18

The Setting

This is a time of peace and prosperity where planets flourish with life, progress, and harmony. There has been no war, no famine, and no great disease for many ages under the benevolent rule of Queen Serenity, ancient daughter of the Moon. All the planets of the galaxy are in alignment with one another, and the Moon is at the center radiating the powerful light that each planet, star, and sun sends forth to it. This is the age of the Silver Millennium.

But there is a darker past. Before this time of peace, was a time of war and betrayal. It raged for a long time until the virtuous first daughters of each planet, star, and sun sought the power of their celestial homes, and wielded it to vanquish the evil that laid its hands over them all. It was a bitter victory for it was not without loss. Many had their homes destroyed or ruined, love ones were lost, and even in the center of all things, where there once stood 12 noble houses, only 11 remained. The twelfth house had been destroyed, its first daughter had sacrificed herself and her planet for the good of all, leaving its surviving citizens scattered. She was honored. All of the twelfth house were honored. Yet in time, as all things that have faded from our sight, it was forgotten.

During this time of peace, in the center of all things, with the twelfth house forgotten, another house, Earth, weakened without the birth of a first daughter, one house, The Sun, oblivious to all, and the other houses keeping the careful balance, the peace of the Silver Millennium is left vulnerable. read more...

Rules | Gameplay | Plot/Background

oochouseparty | housemissives


sekala: sekala/nellenoir
koori: koorinohime
zif: thezifster
kage: hitakinokage


The Oracle: bssm encyclopedia
Bunny's Tour
Celestial Luminary but specificallythis page


We will accept applications for canon characters as well as original characters. We ask that all Canon Sailor Soldiers be taken before original character sailor soldiers are created.

Needed/Wanted Characters:

    Queen Serenity
    Ami/Princess Mercury/Sailor Mercury
    Rei/Princess Mars/Sailor Mars
    Setsuna/Princess Pluto/Sailor Pluto
    Michiru/Princess Neptune/Sailor Neptune
    Haruka/Princess Uranus/Sailor Uranus
    Hotaru/Princess Saturn/Sailor Saturn
    Prince Endymion

    Priest Helios/Pegasus
    Sailor/Princess Kakyuu
    Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter
    Yaten/Sailor Star Healer
    Taiki/Sailor Star Maker

    Phobos & Deimos
    Sailor Coronis
    Sailor Chuu
    Sailor Mau
    Sailor Mermaid
    Sailor Cocoon
    Sailor Galaxia
    Sailor Φ
    Sailor Χ
    Sailor Lethe
    Sailor Mnemosyne
    Sailor Ceres
    Sailor Juno
    Sailor Pallas
    Sailor Vesta
    Heavy Metal Papillon
    Tin Nyanko
    Lead Crow
    Aluminum Seiren
    Iron Mouse

*All of the above characters are available for play though many of them have conditions under which they will be played(there is no galaxia storyline but all of the Sailor Soldiers mentioned within that storyline are taken to exist etc.). Other canon characters not listed here are also possible, but we must figure out how to fit them into the genre.

Please read this before applying for any canon character. You only have to read information for the character you wish to apply for.

**In this genre there will be no Chibi-usa or Chibi Chibi unless you can make an extremely good case for their existence.

Taken Canon Characters:

Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity usa_odango
Sailor Venus/Princess Minako daughterofvenus
Sailor Jupiter/Princess Makoto litamakoto

Other Characters:

Afinity afinity_ritzara
Hikarino Bara hikarinobara
Fiona fionathemaiden
Ki kirele
Tarim chaostarim
Okami okamiofearth

Special Characters:

Jojoshi Chame jojoshichame
Itazura Uta itazurauta